A Conversation Between Two Sides – Abstract Collages by Sharon Etgar


What I admire about great makers and artists is that they can be creative using many different materials. More often than not they specialise in one, but it’s great to see exploration and cross over in to different mediums to further their concept or ideals. These abstract collages by Sharon Etgar were appealing on an aesthetic level, with her muted tones and abstract shapes, but I also liked the accessibility of the materials that she uses and the fact that other creatives can get up and experiment with similar work in their own household.

Sharon Etgar lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel. She studied painting and drawing throughout her early career as an artist, but later moved on to fabric and paper collages, like these ones that you see before your eyes. Her work aims to translate themes of mood and memory into colour and abstract form. She uses shapes placed on either side as a conversational tool, almost as if they’re balancing, or shapes generating a push and pull motion.

Looking down through her work here I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a strong theme and could be translated across to sculpture and other art forms as well. For now check out more work by Sharon Etgar on the website linked below, there’s some fantastic pieces on show.