Artwork Looks From Jami Rock

Small set of artworks from Polish artist Jami Rock who is currently based out Poland’s capital city Warsaw, Working as a freelancer remaining mostly in the fields of painting, drawing and photography. These pieces we see above and below are all crafted on a canvas with oil paints which create this great vivid, worked look while still holding such bold bright coloration. I think its important not to forget traditional media and artwork techniques, we live in such a media rich society that its sometimes we forget the roots of where the latest technology comes from, the skill and craft that go into traditional pieces takes a lot more patience and time to develop. Its refreshing to take a look at work of those who use these hand crafted techniques to add a little diversity to the digital age we have all become accustom to, Find the link for more work from Jami Rock Below.

Find more work from Jami Rock here