The Naked And Famous Video by Special Problems

Special Problems small trio consisting of Campbell Hooper, Joel Kefali and Darron Lilley worked on this feel good music video for The Naked And Famous single Young Blood from their forthcoming debut album. Founded in 2007 Special problems is based in both Auckland and London, with the three creatives drawing on their combined backgrounds in graphic design, fine art, film and music to present unique creative concepts, always inspired by the subject. As a directing team Special Problems are adept in both live action and animation, and are immediately involved in all aspects of the production process. They run a a multi-disciplinary creative studio with a focus on video, print and web projects, here they provide the perfect marriage of running content and energetic audio for the complete experience, the piece just runs so smoothly and is a great treat on the eye. For more work from Special Problems follow the link bellow.

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