Homes by Ye Rin Mok

I was enticed into viewing some photography by Ye Rin Mok this morning, a Los Angeles based creative. Mainly due to the minimalist vibe, and also because she’s sometimes a contributor to one of my favourite publications, Apartamento. And you can really see the styles fuse perfectly, her spreads for other magazines are great too.

As I browsed the different sections of her portfolio, I was particularly taken a back by the photography of Interiors. Which we can also trace back towards the Apartamento Publication. So as I sneaked around the ‘Homes’ series, like a kid in a candy shop, I figured this would be great to showcase on the site. She’s got all the makings of an amazing photographer, I personally find her borderline genius. Please check out the imagery below, and most importantly the rest of the collection of photos from this series on her website.

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