Landscapes by Tommy Forbes

London based creative Tommy Forbes literally made my eyes smile earlier, if that’s actually even possible. This occurred whilst viewing his stunning landscapes and browsing through his vast array of work. It quickly became apparent that Mr Forbes is somewhat of a globe wanderer, and long may that continue please if your reading Tom.

These looks are so inspiring to see, so vast and beautiful. It’s refreshing to see open space without houses or buildings crammed together in ugly rows. We all have to live somewhere in the end but views like these should remain the way they are, so natural and untouched.

There have actually been calls over on Flickr for Tommy not to return to London, and I have to say I totally agree. Not to sound harsh but when your capturing such mind-blowing imagery I think it’s best to continue, and lets face it London is very ugly in comparison.

Tommy Forbes we salute you, your sacrifice is for the good of our mindset and imagination, I’m sure many of you will agree.


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