Collage of Colour – Paintings & Textiles by Katrine Giæver

As the seasons are changing I’m starting to see new opportunities in colour and texture. Oslo-based artist Katrine Giæver struck me in this regard, gradually moving from more dark, earthy tones to artworks that are experimental and pop with vivid colour.

Katrine’s work from 2017-18 called ‘Dip’ and 2019-20 titled ‘Lux’ are where her work really comes together in my opinion. Cotton has been a common theme and even features in her early work in 1992 called ‘Gobi’. Lux and Dip combine some of the new and old themes in her work, producing a collection that’s still bright but full of textural quality.

As for the hanging pieces, Giæver has used a hessian and a rigid kind of linen that are then gradually immersed in colour baths filled with acrylic paint to create compositions with clearly defined stripes and blocks of colour. 2019-20 series ‘Lux’ builds on this, even incorporating the wavy lines of the weaved fabric on to the actual canvas and mimicking the properties of these materials through drawing and painting.

This collaboration between handmade and handcrafted is unusual in the art world, and it takes a special artist like Giæver to pull it off. There’s a sense of harmony here as modernism, abstraction and more natural, more humane if I might say, properties fuse together to create a whole that’s not plain or boring, but striking and creative. This is the kind of work we need. Work that just keeps on inspiring.


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