The Construction of Simple Elements – Winter Mixture by Artist Gerry Keon


Over the last few weeks I’ve been drawn to abstract painting and a lot of collage work. I think it’s my inner self trying to make sense of form and my constant search for geometric shape, but at the same time recognising the uncontrollable elements in any art form. This could be the paint dripping or the different textures and opacities layered up on a canvas, you can even see it in sculpture where the unpredictable surroundings play their part. For me it shows our push and pull struggle for control.

This is one of the reasons why I brought across the work of Gerry Keon. The London-based artist looks to work with simple elements, and I found myself gravitating to his oil work headed under the name ‘Winter Mixture’. Not only do I like the interplay of shapes and the juxtaposition of colour, I also like the fact that he’s played with a system through the whole series which includes quite rough sketching but placed in a structural way.

The inaccuracy of the final finishing is what is appealing, some colours merge in to others, others are showing through and have opacity to the layer below. This mixture comes back to the uncontrollable forces in all of our lives, static shapes are never actually static and rely on our perception as a viewer. Gerry has a great job with this series so I placed a few of his pieces up here, I’d urge you to view some of his other artworks on his website which bring in materials such as plaster and wax.








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