Simplified Shapes and Colours – Woodblock Prints by Australian Artist Ellie Malin


Maybe it’s just a general observation on my part, but it seems the work that inspires me the most is often rooted in the fact that the artist, or designer, greatly relies on the fact that their senses are more attune to their surroundings. Hoping to capture these little snippets of inspiration and convey them in unique ways.

Some are complex, some are simple, but I was drawn to this woodblock printing by Melbourne artist, Ellie Malin. One thing that attracts me to woodblock printing is that it’s steeped in tradition and has a craft element, but I also like that the final outcome is fairly abstract and unpredictable. The prints often have an aesthetic that merges nicely with the natural materials, such as the paper, pigment and wood used to create them.

Malin says that she’s inspired by her travels, as well as architecture (new versus old) and natural geographic surroundings. This is seen in the geometric and rigid shapes, but also she’s been able to link the overall feeling of spontaneity. For me this improvisation mimics movement and time, as well as conveying the laws of nature. If you like what you see then head on over to her website linked below. Prints by Ellie Malin can be purchased from the Modern Times website.