Structure & Basic Function – Constructivist Objects by Korean Designer Nino Cho


It’s quite easy to assume that abstract forms are devoid of any function, but actually the shapes themselves run true to many functional objects in and outside of the home. Take this series by Nina Cho as an example, who has been exploring a sculptural form of language that blurs the line between an art object and a functional product. She has simplified these shapes to leave only the essential, creating structure and basic function from them.

Interestingly, Cho says this way of thinking derives from the Korean traditional aesthetic. Nina was born in the United States but raised in Korea, where she studied woodworking and furniture design. Now based in Detroit her mentality is very much with empty space and playing with the ‘void’ in which to find function. I admire not only her mindset, but also her experimental attitude towards the study of these simple shapes

Here I have picked out a few different objects from a selection of series that she’s completed over the last two years. Above are some small home accessories, these being mirrors, but also you can see a table she’s designed and some unusual business card holders. I recommend you keep an eye out for her in the near future, I can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve.