Workroom, A Family Project

I found this great little project today that I’ve not come across before titled Workroom that’s run by father and daughter team Rebecca and Douglas Snelling. This concept reminds me of Nikole Herriott who also collaborates with her father Lance, they started a quaint little company a while back called Herriot Grace that makes handmade objects such as wooden spoons and bowls. It’s nice to see family run businesses if I’m honest, I’ve always liked the idea of helping each other out and I think both of these companies have an underlying theme of quality and craftsmanship, making items that last. At the end of the day both girls are promoting their father’s skill to make objects of use, bringing it to a mass market, I admire them both equally.

What I liked about Workroom specifically was the fact that Douglas dabbles in furniture design, as you can imagine this is of big interest to us as we’re always harping on about famous furniture designers. Lets face it, most of the great architects have dabbled in furniture design and for good reason too, design in my opinion is the organization of materials and processes in the most productive way, making sure they all balance out harmoniously. This could be linked to both architecture and furniture design, I also think it’s great to see such handcrafted furniture from an independent woodworker. I definitely need to get myself outside so I can create some seating, even if it’s really abstract like Alma Allen or Max Lamb.

The whole styling thing I guess could be down to Rebecca who seems like a very talented artist herself, she’s got a great direction for the company and they’ve made some lovely functional items so far. Apparently Douglas had spent endless hours in his workshop creating furniture and other objects, after Rebecca had finished her fine arts degree she took a lot of interest in what he was doing. After finding a way of translating her designs through his skill they set up Workroom and they haven’t stopped since, building prototypes and refining every piece to the very highest standard. I’ve selected out a few pieces that really grabbed me, but I hope you’ll head towards their web page to view some more and also check out the store they own titled Douglas and Bec which is linked just below.


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