Crossover by Fabian Grodde

I stumbled across this mix of animation and real life footage and was pretty impressed with what was in front of me, it’s been really delicately done and is a pretty captivating as far as short films go.

Created by a mysterious individual that is Fabian Grodde, the production is surrounded in mystery itself, and we never really learn what is going on until the end of the piece.

Visuals are kept enticing for the viewer through the use of a trail that one lone insect from the start of the piece begins to follow. The further he goes along this path, the more of his own kind he discovers. Curious to find out what all the fuss is about, he makes it to the top of the hill in search of some answers.

The mix of techniques in this production lead for some stunning imagery which would be too hard to create using real bugs. I haven’t seen too many creative videos out there like this one, visuals working so smoothly with the mix of media.

There isn’t too much lying around on the internet from Fabian other than what we have in front of our eyes, so i’m pretty excited to see what he will bring us next. Be sure to follow his profile over on vimeo for more.


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