Visual Working From Youness Benali

Youness Benali is certainly a character of mystery, which in turn makes the work of this creative all the more enticing and engaging. The short piece we have here was crafted by Youness with great imagination, a project derived around the concept of human kind losing control.

The visuals are defined as a human kind who has lost control of our environment, the environment that we collectively created, where we now have become ‘prisoners’ to our own surroundings. Although this piece is only short, for me it holds so much impact and I love the fact that it’s mysterious and in places a little dark.

Made in collaboration with Haruna Sakai, the piece is evidence that the pair are not satisfied with making imagery that is just attractive on the eye. The duo seek to challenge thought and opinion with their work, which in itself, is a beautiful thing.

Directing / Creators:
Youness Benali
Haruna Sakai

Romain Jean Maurice Arnette
Carolina Tirado Haney
Claudio E Verdi

Make up:
Mieka Nakamiya

Alex Haney
Andras Oravecz