Eightbit Meets Redfilm

Swedish Photography and Retouching collective Eightbit brought out this collection of photography today and are currently constructing a webpage to showcase this and there other future works which will be coming soon. The series of imagery we have here was created for another creative group of persons called Redfilm who obviously are featured throughout the collection. With this being first online set released by Eightbit they can certainly be expected to produce well themed, dramatic and inspiring photography in the future. In the past Eightbit have been known for crafting works that are centred around beauty photography and skin retouching so this more commercial project was something new and exciting for them to work on, with great success with Redfilm Im sure we will be seeing a little more of the same in the near future. for now I Suggest heading over to there personal page and seeing if there site is ready to showcase other work they have done.

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