Illustrations of Space – Artworks by Katrin Greiling for Furnishing Utopia

The relationship between between our physical environment and the inspirations that make up all art or design is very fascinating. Design collective Furnishing Utopia, who we previously mentioned in 2018 with their brilliant collection interpreting the work of the Shakers, have put together their most recent exhibit, ‘Drawing Upon Frameworks’, in collaboration with a number of artists and designers that looks at early American Modernism in more detail, especially it’s roots and the impact it had on contemporary life today.

Each designer was asked to reflect on modernism’s past while embracing the possibilities of the future. To craft by hand 2-dimensional works that interpret the concept of a framework and to think abstractly about the structures and conventions that define society today.

I took a particular liking to the work of included Berlin-based creative Katrin Greiling who took inspiration from her visits to Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Rohe buildings to produce a series of abstract collage that are an exploration of space. Using colour and shape alone Katrin has been able to suggest volume and three-dimensionality, sticking with organic form that relates back to the architects concept of bringing ‘inside out’ and ‘outside in’.

Furnishing Utopia noted the different awareness needed when engaging our mind with abstract ideas, thoughts and observations. Putting these down for us the designer to see and leading to a series of discoveries. Something that served well for these modernist designers who fabricated pure experimentation on paper and made these concepts a reality, in turn affecting the environment we live in today.


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