Beyond Ordinary – Furniture by Australian Studio Dowel Jones

I’ve always been fascinated by designers who can take an ordinary object and turn it into something that’s visually different but still appealing. Design firm Dowel Jones has made this their mission and one they are still pursuing through their wonderful range of chairs, including bar stools, high chairs, loungers and benches.

Dowel Jones was founded by design duo Adam Lynch and Dale Hardiman in 2014. In the early years their main focus was helping to furnish local cafes, but since then they have grown to produce furniture, lighting and accessories for residential and commercial interiors across the world. Today, they specialise in high-quality furniture characterised by a cool and playful yet functional style.

The Dowel Jones range of chairs mostly features a steel frame with slightly curved sections on the legs and main body. During the design process, they first consider the main aim of the chairs – creating a comfortable seating experience – and then create pieces that complement the aim in an unusual and often abstract way.

Lynch and Hardiman are also passionate about keeping their pieces simple. This can be a difficult challenge when they want to incorporate these unique shapes to overall form. They succeed by blending strong lines with thin tubular frames to create a very simplistic look. The chairs are all made with strength and functionality in mind and manufactured with high-quality material that will last years of everyday use.

One thing that’s definitely a highlight is their constant collaboration with a network of designers and manufacturers to produce these furniture pieces. Their ranges are all unique and something refreshing in a world full of conventional-looking furniture. Unquestionably beyond ordinary.