A New Order – Etchings, Lithographs & Monoprints by Elvia Perrin


I’m finding that I’m being drawn back to abstract art and print work, especially those works that feature bold shapes and unique layering. I think this is why I was excited to find the work of Elvia Perrin, an artist and printer based in Austin, Texas. She creates prints which are quietly minimalist, but up-close you can see lots of detail and textures that give her works depth and originality.

The process of making these involves editing and overlapping ink and images. She uses grids, sewing templates and other organisational materials to create a system which she can drawn upon. As you’ll see here, Elvia often explores repetition and reuses printing plates to make unique works of art that can’t be replicated.

Although you might look at these and think they are one concept or idea followed through from start to finish, actually she approaches the making process much like a craftsman would, often unexpected events occur during this journey. I especially like the idea of being spontaneous, and love to support this kind of work. If you do too I’d recommend browsing her Etsy page to see what prints she has on offer, there’s some nice ones that I’m sure would look great in any interior.