Masking the Landscape – Abstract Artwork by Sam Smyth

Slotting shape and implementing colour in a harmonious manner shares so many similarities with all the other art forms. If broken down, craft, for example, is essentially shape and colour and how they combine to form something aesthetically appealing. Everyone has their own aesthetic so this can be subjective.

If we talk about the real meaning behind an artwork maybe it’s the conversation with others that really counts. Some kind of emotion or spirit that comes through to the end user, striking a chord with someone or offering value through functional. This is partly why I was intrigued by the work of British artist Sam Smyth who doesn’t just know how to mix colour and shape, but also bring unique character in to his work through his depiction of certain subjects using only the essentials.

Although we can see hard edged, geometric artworks, some traditional elements shine through. For example, tree branches, hill or mountain scenes, and other natural elements masked behind a collage of colour and lines. I think Sam does a fantastic job at brining new meaning to abstraction and urge you to view more on his work on his portfolio linked below.


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