Line Formation – Artworks by Chloe Fields

Artworks by Chloe Fields 3

The building blocks of any design can be classed as ‘architectural’. In the most simple sense, just a line can create an outline that determines the shape of a structure; one that can imprint in our memory and become synonymous with an object.

Take for example the work of Portland-based artist Chloe Fields, who uses simple lines made using soft pastels on textured paper. These works are informed by her experience in letterpress and printing. Interestingly, these artworks are meant to be interpreted by the viewer in whatever way they see fit. I think this is always the best way and gives us a chance to consider any deeper concepts that reside beneath the surface.

Playfulness and simplicity are what captured my attention. These works by Chloe inspired me to communicate in a more playful manner but still offer a sense of serenity and composure. See more by Chloe Fields on her portfolio linked below.

Artworks by Chloe Fields 2

Artworks by Chloe Fields 7

Artworks by Chloe Fields 5

Artworks by Chloe Fields 8

Artworks by Chloe Fields 6


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