Neutra Boomerang Chair by VS America


There’s a certain list of designers that I’m always on the lookout for, usually news or information regarding their work, so this chair by Richard Neutra was right up my alley. Interestingly, it’s quite an unusual piece of furniture, with a contrasting look to his clean and structured architecture. But in all honesty that’s the nice thing about it, you have these two styles battling against each-other and offering something totally unique.

As with any collection that’s a re-issue of past furniture, it takes a commercial company to bring it to market. Someone who’s willing to invest in the design itself and make the necessary changes to put it in to production. VS America seem to be the collective who’re producing a small selection of Neutra’s furniture and have decided to go ahead and make the Boomerang Chair, which Richard designed in the early 1940’s for the Channel Heights Housing Project in Los Angeles, a high-quality prefabricated housing development near a naval shipyard. The use of low cost materials and straight forward construction created a chair that these workers could assemble for use in the compact homes.

The chair itself is held together with simple pegged-through tenons and webbing, so it’s both functional and easy to construct. What can you not like about that?! This video below was produced and directed by Andrew Gura, giving us a look at the concept behind the collection, but mainly highlighting the Boomerang Chair first as it’s the main chair in the collection. I’ve always respected Neutra massively, so bringing back and highlighting his work for everyone to see is a wonderful thing. And the best way to go about presenting it is usually a short film, so we have both elements in one post. Fantastic! Watch on below.


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