Materiality Woven – Textiles by KOMONKA

Textiles by KOMONKA 1

Here we present the textiles of Kovács Móni, a Hungarian artist who has produced these wonderful works for her brand KOMONKA. By taking aesthetic inspiration from contrasting materials, such as metal and concrete, Kovács has been able to make this wonderful series that brings a natural and textural quality to the home.

What’s cool about these is how they remind me of Japanese hanging scrolls where a thin strip can bring a whole new dimension to an interior space.

Each one of these works is hand-woven and Kovács says that she pays special attention to the gloss, matte, soft, and hard surfaces that span the textile itself. By applying this philosophy she is working to mimic nature itself, crafting a “special light effect that recalls the Sun’s glitter and water’s clarity within the home”.

Overall these are works of art that bring the outside in. I am a big fan and can’t wait to see where she takes this project.

Textiles by KOMONKA 2

Textiles by KOMONKA 3

Textiles by KOMONKA 4

Textiles by KOMONKA 5

Textiles by KOMONKA 6


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