Art Immersion – Painting by Francois Bonnel

Francois Bonnel 1

I am always impressed when a creative takes the leap to pursue their passion. It’s not an easy feat. Francois Bonnel is one of those, an abstract artist currently living in Toulouse, France. After 25 years as an advertising executive, he devoted himself to art and photography in 2018 and has since gone on to have great success.

Francois uses a mixture of digital media, photography, and collage techniques. He is especially passionate about line, shape, and colour. His philosophy is to not necessarily think about the message or philosophy behind his work, but more comes from a place of immersing himself in the art and trying to make a work of art that’s aesthetically pleasing.

Even though Francois uses geometric blocks in bright contrasting colours, it’s impressive to see the sense of play and movement coming through in the final pieces. These for sure would brighten up any home or interior space.

Francois Bonnel 2

Francois Bonnel 3

Francois Bonnel 4

Francois Bonnel 5

Francois Bonnel 6

Francois Bonnel 7


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