Meeting Strangers With Benoit.P

French creative mind Benoit created this photography project where he wanted to document the mystery of the stranger through the use of portrait photography. He’s been running with this idea for a while now to complement his other project and I thought more than enough time had passed without me bringing it across for everyone to enjoy. Benoit grew up in Trois-rivières but ventured over to Canada and is now living out of his base in Montreal, giving him great access to some unusual and individual passers by. I love the idea of people embracing this project and getting involved in this, it shows a sense of community that is sometimes lost in the larger cities of this world. Benoit is able to capture some real individualism and strong characters, I recommend heading over to his Flickr account and checking out the other imagery in this set. He has taken over two hundred separate photos in this series, the link for this can be found just bellow.

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