Playtime By Marc Da Cunha Lopes

Playtime by Marc Da Cunha Lopes is another collection of photography from the Paris based photographer that just leaves me with smile, every time he brings something onto the online platform that is unique, conceptual and oozing with style. His scenes almost always contain some sort of humor underpinning a take on an issue in society, tied in with bundles of character. Playtime is the latest collection brought out by Marc and looks into the direction we are going in, with the development of human like robots and androids, he plays on the idea of owning one of these for the use of keeping the owner company opposed to completing a task. Marc has even gone to the extent of the idea that these “bots” come boxed up and can be dissembled, some fantastic editing here and more than anything a great imaginative collection. To view more of Marc Da Cunha Lopes work – follow the link below

Find more work from Marc here


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