Print For Threads Cafe From Yasuko Fujisawa

Los Angeles based Print Designer Yasuko Fujisawa created these great eye catching pieces in the aid of promoting San Pedro cafe Threads, which is dedicated to bringing all that visit healthy body and mind. It seems a great little spot to relax and reflect, I guess this is why Yasuko got involved in creating these engaging set of imagery’s to promote the place. The coloration on these pieces is great, we get a real worn look combined with the bright colours of the animals which provides the perfect contrast to demand the viewers attention, there quite playful which I love, you get a sense of character here coming out. Ive not seen too many other pieces by Yasuko Fujisawa so its hard to tell if this is something the client asked for or if this is the style and look that she brings to the viewer, Im hoping we see more witty pieces from her in the future. This set is really vivid and creative, something to keep everyone engaged, how often can we say about that advertising and promotion these days, with no personal page right now from Yasuko Fujisawa your have to remember the name for the future and enjoy what we have here.


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