Robo-Rainbow By Mudlevel

It would seem that kids these day’s are getting inventive when breaking the law, and this short film titled Robo-Rainbow is all the evidence needed to conclude the debate. This innovative project was derived around the idea of ” Instruments of Mass Destructions” which is defined by the creator as “complicated technical solutions to aide in simple acts of vandalism”.

On the topic of the creator, I can’t tell you too much as they seem to be doing a bit of a Banksy and staying anonymous, and I can’t say I blame them. Maybe I shouldn’t be promoting this sort of thing, but on the flip side I think that if street art has purpose then why shouldn’t it be shared for everyone to see. After all I’d rather add a little variety to the daily diet of commercial branding we are constantly fed.

Politics aside, this is quite a positive message being conveyed, I’m sure if I was to walk past this rainbow on a gloomy day it would lift my sprits. If we could drop the stigma of street art being an act against society and look to it as for society, then we might all have a more positive perception in our day to day lives.


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