Shape & Colour Play – Paintings by Artist William LaChance

Do you remember when you were young, your teacher would give you pieces of brightly coloured construction paper to arrange in a collage? William LaChance’s work is not to be compared with a kindergartener’s, but his geometric artwork captures a childlike spirit that is simply infectious.

LaChance’s inspiration comes from mixed media formats including design, fashion, art and nature. He combines these mediums using various methods including sewing, printing and painting. The end result are pictures that are abstract, textural and thought provoking.

Some of his works consist of panels joined together. The outer edges often feature a variety of shapes and swirls in vibrant colors like turquoise and reds. This bold use of shape and colour sometimes gives way to much earthier, and edgier tones making for a contrast that adds visual intrigue to each piece.

William LaChance’s geometrics are distinctly contemporary. The integrated colors and shapes are perfect for bringing life to stark white or neutral backgrounds, but they will also work well to pick up bright paints and patterns in unconventional decor. No matter where you hang one of these beauties, they are sure to unleash the inner child and put a smile on the face of anyone who sees them.


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