A Refined Playfulness – Interior Design by Studio Giancarle Valle

Studio Giancarle Valle’s unique décor creations have a look and feel of luxury that will make you want to sink into the designs. The pieces have a modern edge mixed with a traditional feel to provide a sense of warmth and comfort. He combines his furnishings to make interior designs that’s both upscale and causal at the same time.

The studio is a New York based design company that incorporates architecture, interior design and decorative arts. They appeal to both body and mind with looks that are refined, playful and unexpected. It is no wonder that the artist and his work has been featured in countless magazines and recognized and shown all over the world.

Valle creates the pieces and also works on interior design projects where he combines his furnishings to provide a unique aesthetic. The furnishings he makes integrate rich woods and luxurious velvets. He often plays on rounded shapes that give rooms a soft appearance and stately appearance. Other designs feature pronounced edges and geometrics.

He then integrates these pieces into a unique living room setting. Take for instance the ‘Greenwich Village loft’ that he transformed into a decor that speaks of modern luxury. The olive green sofa plays on the neutrals of the walls and chairs while the fluffy textures make us want to sink into the soft comfort.

The Watch Hill Home is another exploration in color and design. Bright blue walls and bold modern paintings set a stage for modern furniture with simple architecture and a neutral color scheme. The overall appearance is one of understated elegance.

Studio Giancarle Valle makes furnishings that take interior design to the next level. They manage to combine traditional elements with a modern edge that elevates the living experience. With rich colors, bold textures and geometric elements they bring a unique aesthetic that manages to incorporate the comforts of home.



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