Defying Archetypes – Kado Collection by Goula / Figuera for LoVisual

Kado Collection by Goula / Figuera 1

When we think of a vase we tend to think of an object that is sleek and narrow, sculpted in accordance with the structure of the flowers it holds. Goula/Figuera Design, a studio consisting of designers Álvaro Goula and Pablo Figuera, have introduced these vases that really do break the mould. The ‘Kado collection’ features vases with a conical shape that are pointy and open up outward quite dramatically.

One may wonder how the flowers are able to stand straight in such an oddly shaped container, as well as how the pointy bottom works to keep the vase upright. The trick is a small magnet inserted into the base of the vase providing stability. The flowers are kept straight using a ‘kenzan’, a spikes device that is often used in Japanese floral arrangements.

The combination of colour and shape results in a piece that is sleek with clean lines and a unique design. When flowers are placed in the vases, the effect is one of gravity defying beauty. The wider necks allow one to better see the entire flower and take in its natural glory.

These vases are a great showcase of how to bring a contemporary edge to a traditional field. How would you use them to bring the outside in?

Kado Collection by Goula / Figuera 3

Kado Collection by Goula / Figuera 4

Kado Collection by Goula / Figuera 5

Kado Collection by Goula / Figuera 2