Semi Porcelain Stoneware Vessels by Stuart Carey


The smooth purity of porcelain can’t be matched. It offers a unique transparency that plays beautifully with light. In contrast, stoneware is rough but can give tableware a lot of warmth, compared to porcelain that can be cold in comparison.

London’s Shoreditch based potter Stuart Carey has experimented with an alternative to standard porcelain clay, a semi porcelain stoneware. Although you get the fine appearance in the body the stoneware element offers beautiful but random detailing, it’s a fantastic touch that makes a world of difference. I also like the colour palette Stuart has gone with. He’s been able to find that middle ground that so many others strive for, muted but with hints of vivid colour. The yellow for example really pops out against the blues giving the collection a satisfying edge that’s not over bearing.

Stuart’s been producing this collection since 2012 and hopes to refine the objects as the years roll on. I think what he’s got here is a great concept and should certainly be pursued, I’ll be interested to watch his progression in the near future.