Short Film By Alec Eagon & Jeff Wohlgemuth

Jeff Wohlgemuth and Alec Eagon bring us this charming little film titled “welcome” which the pair created for this years reel stories film fest using a combination of 16mm film and digital equipment. The piece contains such great atmosphere and character and has been shot on various locations alongside the open coastline of what I can only assume is Malibu in California where the pair currently reside.

The film texture and colours bring out a dreamy type feel which is helped along by the audio which seems to be inspired by a psychedelic approach to artistic creation. I’m pretty fond of the shots of the lone dancer sliced into this montage of vast views it provides the piece with a bit of depth visually and is a nice touch adding a little bit of mystery to the short.

REELSTORIES FilmFest is a student-led film festival that seeks to unite the Pepperdine and the Malibu communities through a night of celebrating and appreciating the art of film. It is an opportunity for filmmakers to instill change by creating films that tell meaningful stories that captivate and challenge, read more about it here :


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