Studying the In-between Values – Paintings by Canadian Artist Scott Sueme

What I admire about the study of colour, line, shape, and form is the fact that the depth and detail can be an endless pursuit, constantly developing with time. Looking through the work of Canadian artist Scott Sueme I was struck by how he has simplified his work aesthetically throughout the years but has also experimented with many techniques, hoping to create some kind of layering and depth in his abstract works of art. The techniques he’s currently experimenting with include painting straight to surface, cut paper, projection, or starting with something digital and further developing from there.

Most artists live on the so called “fringes” and generally orientate in this area as a way in which to inspire themselves and push in to new territory. Scott Sueme has been painting abstract works of art for approximately seven years, but his introduction was through graffiti, in which he began painting in 2002. Working in a traditional medium with certain confinements is a slight contrast from the world of graffiti, but this has given Scott’s work a twist as he looks to break the rules and push the movement forward from his viewpoint.

Abstract works can sometimes be fairly flat and monotone, but not Scott’s. His paintings have a depth that’s really unique as he looks to express himself and create some kind of language through his medium of choice. Here are some of my favourites paintings from his ‘Homework’ series, more can be found on his portfolio below. Enjoy!