Temple Of Ice II By Pierre

Around a month ago video creative Pierre released a piece called Temple Of Ice to the viewers over at Vimeo, at the time it wasn’t brought across as we had already filled the format for that day, but he has recently created a shorter edited version so here it is for us all to view. This is shot in Iceland so we are returning here again this week, the stunning mountainous terrain always seem to have too much of an attraction for photographers and video artists but why not this visual work captures the wonder of nature at its finest. The creative himself Pierre is for the most part a secretive character who doesn’t give to much away about himself, all we know is that he is from Belgium, he uses a Sony z1 and he frequently captures footage that is both captivating and engaging. No personal page on this one unfortunately but if you want to see more, head over to Vimeo and search for Pierre, yes it is the monkey profile picture.


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