That Childlike Spirit – Abstract Art by American Creative Kelly Knaga

Brancusi once said, “When we are no longer children we are already dead.” I thought that was an interesting observation, albeit a little dramatic. But hey, that’s what us creatives are best at! haha I have always wondered what keeps us in that childlike mind state. Some have it more than others and it takes a certain set of circumstances for that person to show it through their art and really excel as an adult.

Chicago and North Indiana-based artist Kelly Knaga was pretty cool in this regard as her youthful and playful side just reverberates out from her artwork. The colours and shape combinations are not only appealing on the eye, they also really gee you up to get more creative yourself and inspire to experiment with all the different colours and shapes.

Interesting to note that Kelly’s works often have historical or fictional references that are latched on to and used as a platform to experiment from. She then starts to layer shapes, colours, lines and patterns to see what works best aesthetically. I think Kelly’s works serve as a great source of inspiration for all creatives. Let’s explore, bounce around ideas and set our inner child free! See more artwork by Kelly Knaga on her portfolio linked below.


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