The Process of an Artist – Inside the Studio of Scottish Painter Callum Innes

There’s nothing better than seeing an artist in full flow in the creative process. The reality is that the creative process is all about making new connections from old ideas and recognising links between concepts that might inspire a route forward. This is why any good creative spends all their time working through the ‘fog’ in hope of lighting up that new path.

Unfortunately most artists do not offer this kind of insight. I suppose it’s a privacy thing, which I do understand, but these kind of studio shots can inspire young creatives to also get involved and make us mere mortals feel like that with hard work and persistence we can also make art of such caliber, or at least in our own style.

Callum Innes is a Scottish abstract artist who is one of the most significant abstract painters at this time, achieving widespread recognition worldwide. Although using simple block colour, Innes removes the paint before it dries, washing away or “unpainting” the canvas to reveal varied textures that make each piece unique.

Luckily for us there’s a selection of photos from inside his studio of the process. Of course, it’s only a small documentation of sorts but I still felt it was very valuable to share and might inspire some of our readers here. Make sure you read more about Callum Innes on the link below, he really is an intriguing artist with a sophisticated body of work.