The “Search For Truth Series” From Matthew James

I came across this great set of illustrations from Matthew James who is currently in his final semester working towards a Bfa in printmaking, Right now he mostly works in traditional media with pen and inks but he says he looks to expand his talents in the future to working digitally. Theres a real handmade feel about these illustrations and almost look as if they have been hand printed, not too sure on that score but they would make a great addition as a poster to most walls. James has a great sense of imagination which is brought out in these pieces, there quite vivid and out there which makes them so original and fresh to look at. Matthew says he’s ” fairly adaptable draughtsman” and can pick up or change styles as needed, but on default he tend’s to oscillate between “graphic realism” and a cartoon approach. Right now Matthew hasn’t got his own personal page but hopefully that will change in the near future, for now remember the name and enjoy the artworks above and below.