this KINGDOM by Eliot Rausch

I think this piece was destined for my inbox. It’s by Eliot Rausch, titled this KINGDOM, he captures a short moment in the life of Brian Wolke, his wife, his kids and their current obstacle in life.

Based in Compton, California, Brian has got no work and looks to move out of their home, shifting all the stuff they own into storage. It’s such a heart wrenching film, you have to feel for these guys and what they are going through right now. And I know many people are in the same sort of position as Brian and family, so relation to this video will be very high.

But I’m positive this guy has got the strength to get out of this position, you can see it through his attitude and demeanor.

Filming wise, Eliot and co have really pulled out all the stops, amazed at how they’ve dug so far into someones personal life in such a short space of time. It’s not easy to put this subject across to the watching audience. There is no holding back here, very sincere.

Please watch on below.

Directed/Edited: Eliot Rausch
Director of Photography: Lukas Korver, Matt B. Taylor
Message: Darren Rouanzoin
Music: Kreng – Merope


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1 Comment

  • Ed c

    Video is very well done and thought provoking. We no matter where in the world you are living are having our faith challenged by forces most of us never imagined. Some have lost everything, from mansion to under a bridge, some have given their lives for their belief. We all are under attach in way that often seem overwhelming. I agree God is or He isn’t. since His word and my life experience has taught me HE IS.Then in the face of all things we continue to live in and advance HIS KINGDOM. To Brian and his family I say two thing you are not alone, I know that brings little comfort. 2nd you are being prayed for by other in His Kingdom all over the world and God will uphold you, provide your needs and lift you differently and greater than you can imagine.

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