unTitle Sequence by Martijn Hogenkamp & Marvin Koppejan

A really good sequence by Amsterdam based designer Martijn Hogenkamp, collaborated on by Marvin Koppejan. I found this through Martijn’s portfolio website, also known as The QBF.

The QBF is a pretty cool site, which houses all Martijn’s information and also a select amount of work. The best of the best I’m guessing. So check that out if you have time.

I’m mainly pointing out this piece below created over a year ago named as ‘unTitle Sequence’. I can’t be sure whether they didn’t have a title for it in the first place, or it’s actually what the piece is called. Probably the former.

This short film incorporates lots of really nice effects, blurring, light change, text movement, you’ve got it all in here. But it’s not overdone, and the theme is relatively good.

Check it out below and see what you think.