‘Wild child’ Trailer By Jamieson Fry

'Wild child' Trailer By Jamieson Fry image

Jamieson Fry Directed this short compilation piece which is a collect of moving image to represent the official release of Author T.C Boyle latest collection of publications. Boyle is the author of twenty books of fiction, an established author who has also turned his hand to creating his own unique style of comics as well. Ive not seen this done before – visual production used to promote independent authors, I really do hope this creates the interest that Jamieson Fry and T.C Boyle are longing for, its certainly a captivating piece of production. Wild Child is Boyle’s ninth collection of short stories which were published in January, the collection contains fourteen new stories, along with the novella – length title piece. As the production rolls on we see the titles of each short story, all will be listed below. I enjoyed the low level lighting and the change in depth of field at the beginning of this piece, the fast paced music leads for a playful atmosphere with the young boy running though the forrest. Some of the shots at this stage are captured brilliantly especially the tracking through the grass at such a fast pace, Fry makes difficult piece of production look easy. If you enjoy this piece, make sure to head over and comment at Jamieson Frys web page – Link below.

The Wild Child Series Includes : Balto, La Conchita, Question 62, Sin Dolor, Bulletproof, Hands On, The Lie,
The Unlucky Mother of Aquiles Maldonado, Admiral, Ash Monday, Thirteen Hundred Rats, Anacapa, Wild Child and Three Quarters of the Way to Hell

directed : Jamieson Fry
produced : Rachel Ward / Rival Pictures
cinematography : Brett Pawlak
edited : Jamieson Fry & Pete Larsen
music : “Bogota” by Turzi
sound design : Steve Tushar

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