Works by Mary Iverson

It was nice to stumble across a different mix of work, we’ve been showcasing rather a lot of menswear and photography over the past few weeks. Mary Iverson is a professor and painter from Washington who has had numerous shows exhibiting her work. She really does create an interesting outcome, the paintings usually start with a base and then are integrated with geometric lines and abstract shapes.

For example showcased above we have an island of some sort that seems to be uninhabited. Then over the top we have a mix of grid lines all relating to the shapes involved. Mary creates an environmental dialogue by inserting stacks and shipping containers on top of pristine landscapes.

According to the artist, these “stolen images” mirror our country’s tendency to appropriate natural resources for private gain.

But you will be happy to know that Iverson received an MFA in painting from the University of Washington and a BFA in Design from Cornish College of the Arts. Definitely well deserved. Check out some of my favourites below.