Cumulation, Cone & Counterpoint Series – Ceramic Sculptures by Wim Borst


A selection of fantastic works by Dutch ceramic artist Wim Borst. Wim became a professional ceramist at the age of 31, where he had his first exhibition during that time. Impressively he’s a self-taught artist who took lessons from more traditional potters, but Wim had his eye on creating geometric forms which have their roots in the Dutch geometrical abstract tradition. What’s came of it is a selection of sculptures made from clay that consist of many different parts.

On his website I noticed he slipped in the name Richard Serra as an inspiration, the American minimalist who creates sculpture using large sheets of metal. These are very similar in a way as Wim’s stacked cones and cylinders that interact with each other. The tension is created by contrasting surface texture or colour, the ones I picked out here are just simple grey, black and white tones, but on his website you’ll find newer works using blues and reds.

I recommend viewing his history page that showcases his work from 1980 onwards, which for me is quite something. These early geometrical compositions are fascinating as they stand out even today, it also gives you some insight in to his works created more recently. Anyway, here’s a few that I picked out from his website, you can see more on the link below. Enjoy.