Free Yet Stable – Stone Geometric Tables by Georgian Design Studio ROOMS

I think through my recent study in ceramics I’ve become much more aware of colours and textures, something I was fairly unappreciative of before. When you look at glazed ceramic up-close you can see the flecks in the glaze and all the different components that have reacted with each other, it’s quite special. That’s why I was interested in these geometric tables by Design Studio ROOMS based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

ROOMS was founded by Nata Janberidze and Keti Toloraia, a design duo who look to link strong graphical themes with craftsmanship to create interesting and creative products that are borderline experimental and functional. I’ve come across their work before on my travels and have always been intrigued by the quirky elements that they have used in their designs, but this work really hits home with me as I really like these tables that use different materials and elements to create something that is one of a kind.

This collection was made for 2017 and includes the Terrazzo Geometric Dining Table, featuring inlaid brass elements, and Terrazzo Stripy Dining Table, distinguished by its striped top and circular section. The concept of “keeping magic in our life by staying free yet stable” really lends itself to the theme of playfulness, something that they have in abundance. Here are a few of my favourite photos of their newest works, but I urge you to scour through their portfolio as there is plenty of inspiration that can make you think “outside of the box”. Enjoy.