New Maker at OEN Shop – Ceramics by Japanese Potter Keisuke Okazaki

There are artists who really do just blow you away with their work and make you reconsider your viewpoint as a fellow creative. Japanese potter Keisuke Okazaki is one of those and a new maker that we’re proud to represent in our shop.

Keisuke creates from his traditional Japanese home in the city of Kamakura in Japan. Although Kamakura has become more popular over the years thanks to the many shrines found here, Okazaki’s studio sits just outside and is surrounded by beautiful nature. Here he draws inspiration from the roughness found in the landscape, often using dark matte undertones to create an unusual feeling in his work.

Although tonal colours are an important aspect of his work, just as important are the connection between shape and texture. Flowing forms make way for a subtle grainy texture that’s smooth but still a little gritty, an interesting mix that catches the light nicely in the daylight and calms in the darkness of the evening. Here are a few pictures from Keisuke Okazaki’s collection page, more of which can be found via the link below. Enjoy.

Click here to view pottery by Japanese Potter Keisuke Okazaki →


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