Elegantly Sculpted – Ceramic Series by Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldahl

It’s always interesting to get a designer’s opinion when it comes to handicrafts and their interpretation on how these crafts can be relevant in our current climate. Actually, that’s a great tip for all makers, look towards these designers as sources of inspiration for shapes and textures in your work. It certainly can’t harm your overall direction.

101 Copenhagen was founded by Danish designer Tommy Hyldahl in 2017 and focuses heavily on designing and curating home accessories and lighting solutions for Scandinavian living. Together with fellow designer Kristian Sofus Hansen they produced this series titled ‘Sphere’ that’s a collection of ceramic vases that are a tribute to the architectural ceramic forms of the 1950’s.

When designing this series they focuses heavily on the silhouettes and textures, creating stacked forms that are very angular in shape. Hans Coper seems to be an obvious source of inspiration, but it’s also nice to read the bio of Kristian who lived and studied in Kyoto, Japan for quite a while. Looking through their ceramic series on their website it’s obvious to see this as a strong source of inspiration for their work.

What I do think is great though is that the aesthetic is simple and organic. Being able to fabricate such forms that are available to the wider public is very interesting and might push this design ethos and way of living to more people, that can’t be a bad thing for all. Here are a few of my favourite photos from their website linked below. I hope you enjoy flicking through and see if anything interests you.



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