Textured & Flowing – Experimental Vases by Japanese Artist Yoko Komae

Even though my thoughts tend to reside on the functional side of things, which is probably partly due to my training as a designer, I actually highly revere those who are able to break the chains, so to speak, and create outside of the box. I really like the idea of making objects that you can revolve around on a daily basis, especially tableware that you interact with, but at the same time there’s something quite magical about sculptures and one of a kind vessels.

I’m pretty sure that’s why I was drawn to this selection of clay sculptures and vessels by Japanese artist Yoko Komae. She has a very distinct style and uses hand building technique to make stunning flowing, thin forms that rise up. The aesthetic itself is slightly darker than I’m used to, but the way these have been captured and made works cohesively to propel her work to a new level.

The area that most grabbed me was the glazing and how she’s been able to achieve matte colours with subtle greens and blacks, as well as browns and whites. They look monolithic but not that demanding on the eye, the pitted surfaces give them texture but don’t distract from the form itself. Quite an achievement if you ask me. Here’s a few of my favourites from her portfolio, more can be seen on her website linked below. Enjoy.



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