Ceramic Work by Keiichi Tanaka and Aya Omachi

I’ve been meaning to write a little piece about these great objects, but firstly I had a problem with the image sizes and secondly we’ve had so many ceramics on the blog it’s been hard not to saturate the schedule with the same sort of thing again and again. So I’ve held off just a little while, but now seems like a great day to get it out there in the open, the only disappointing thing is that I can’t buy a few of these bits for my own home. They’re pretty special but I can only find them in Japan. What’s also frustrating is the fact that there’s no information on the talented creatives who made these, all I know is that their names are Keiichi Tanaka and Aya Omachi.

I found them whilst browsing some Japanese websites, in particular an amazing shop that goes by the name of TAIYOU no SHITA, situated in Tokyo, which sells mainly furniture but also quirky design goods. Some great glassware, ironware, and also some nice dyed textiles, but the ceramic section really did blow me away and reminded me of some legendary creatives who went before us. In fact I’ve never really seen anything like these before, take for example the above piece made by Keiichi Tanaka, a simple vase with a lid. This would have been a nice piece without any added tweaks but it went through that extra step of having the added line down the middle. It adds a wonderful bit of character to the piece and also makes the form look completely different, genius in my eyes. Another nice one is the mug below, a simple shape but with a great blocky handle, these remind me of Bauhaus, Picasso and Le Corbusier in some ways, quite structural and architectural but with those added quirky features.

Here I’ve tried to pick out my favourites but some were a tad too small to use and others would have made this post too long, even though they were fantastic. Plus each separate piece has additional views, so I’d highly recommend going over to the TAIYOU no SHITA webshop on the link below. Even though I couldn’t understand the language I still learnt a lot from all the different forms and shapes, I’ve now saved them all in my scrapbook for a later date, I’m hoping I can make or draw a few of these over the weekend.



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