Collection of Works by Woodturner Jonathan Leech

I thought we’d stay in England for this post as I’ve just come across a wood turner based in Cumbria who’s work I think lots of you will appreciate. Jonathan Leech has set himself a solid foundation as an artistic woodturner hosting many of his creations in local galleries, forming a healthy relationship with the National Trust in the process.

Skimming through his page I was really impressed with the balance he’d found between the form of his bowls and the rustic flavour of each wood. I like the fact he offers both a minimal clean cut product and more of a creative free form piece if you desire to have something more individual. Jonathan has obviously found a creative area where his skills serve him best, a passion he came across by chance working for Cumbrian furniture-maker, Danny Frost.

Speaking on his website Jonathan explains that his preferred style is minimalist which enables him to let the wood express it’s own qualities, so naturally his creations fit pretty well into our archive here. I think my personal favourite from this selection is the small elm bowl found in the top image but I’d recommend heading across to his webpage to see what else is being created by Mr Leech.


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