Faceted Glass Forms – Glaciers by David Wiseman


I’ve been exploring both faceted and textured surfaces over the last few weeks. It’s something I found myself referencing earlier in the year, but didn’t really explore it in any detail. Recently I’ve found myself gravitating towards similar forms and I think this attraction has something to do with the surface itself, not just aesthetics alone. Obviously cutting in or taking away can make the light bounce off unusually, or become an illusion of sorts, but I also think it’s about feel. Having such an exterior makes you instinctively want to pick them up and feel them with your hands.

Obviously clay is a great material for a technique like this, as the surface can be manipulated and subtracted very easily. But you also see it used in other crafts like woodworking and metalwork. Today I’m showcasing the Glacier range for Artel, designed by Los Angeles based designer David Wiseman. These are bold in profile and have a multifaceted surface in a variety of colours. Although functional they’re also works of art and look a delight to hold.

This mix of function and art is interesting to any designer, and I think David has nailed it with his three-dimensional forms. The facets make them look as if the material is choosing what it wants to do, moving and flowing, letting nature takes its cause. The refraction of light is also nice thanks to the varying proportions. Hopefully you like these vessels too and inspire you to experiment with a similar idea, for more like this see the David Wiseman website on the link below.