Transcience Mirrors by David Derksen and Lex Pott for Transnatural


Some may differ in opinion, but I always find those pieces that change and develop over time are much more interesting. Everyday is a new experience with such an object, reacting to the way you handle and treat it. As an example, woodwork can age and darken depending on the exact species, but metal is probably one of the most reactive materials in this regard and is very unpredictable when it comes to the final surface appearance.

Take for example the Aubock collection in the shop, or the SyuRo cans that we stock, both patina over time and react with the atmosphere. Talented Dutch designers David Derksen and Lex Pott have played on this patina in their unique series titled Transcience, showcasing the beauty of the natural oxidation process that’s inherent in mirrors.

Normally, the oxidation process in a mirror occurs randomly and evolves slowly over time, but in this case they’ve used sulphur to accelerate the oxidation process. Depending on the timeframe given for the silver to react with the sulphur, different tones can be achieved, ranging from gold to brown, to purple and blue. Interestingly they could have applied this to any form of design, but they’ve gone with appealing geometric shapes that are modern but neutral. Each toned layer creates an optical illusion, at first you may be tricked in to thinking it’s a design on canvas, when in actual fact they’re reflective like a normal mirror. It’s fantastic visually and I hope to see them experimenting more with this method in the near future, for now you can admire these wonderful statement pieces above and below.