Handmade Resin Objects by Dinosaur Designs

This morning I’ve been admiring these handmade resin objects by Dinosaur Designs based out of Australia. This looks like an interesting material to be working with and I’ve not seen it really used before, well not to this extreme anyway. I’m intrigued by the unusual texture, it seems pliable but actually it’s quite tough like ceramic and can also break if dropped of knocked against a hard surface.

Going into Dinosaur Designs as a company they’re actually more popular in my opinion for their jewellery selection which has been worn by countless celebrities and has also appeared on the runway at fashion shows. So as you can imagine the ladies go mad for these. But I was drawn more towards the homewares side of things since I think they make some great utensils for the kitchen and the household. It’s also interesting to see all the amazing colours found within the designs, each one is different so you’re sure to get something that’s truly unique.

The business itself was founded by Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy who met while studying painting and drawing at art school in Sydney, Australia. Originally selling hand painted fabrics and jewellery, they actually moved into the production of handmade resin later on which seems to be one of their biggest sellers now. The process for items like these homewares start off in their Sydney studio where each one is hand sculpted in clay. They then take the prototype with all of it’s handmade elements and cast them in resin before being sanded, drilled and finished by hand. I think the possibilities of using this material is very intriguing and maybe it’s something I’m going to look into myself, I’ll have a play in my little workshop and see what comes out. It shouldn’t be too hard to find the materials as they can be found in any craft or DIY shop, also to make a mould shouldn’t be too out of my reach either. Maybe you guys should think about giving it a go? I’ve picked out a selection of objects that suited our style and appealed to me, for more wacky and colourful pieces the best place is to head towards their website via the link below.



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