Homewares and Lifestyle Imagery at Stroll Store

It’s always great to see lifestyle imagery of ceramics, furniture and other objects as it gives you an idea of how these pieces function in a real world environment. It’s something we’re looking to add into our shop in the near future but it’s quite hard to master, we’ve tried lots of options, both 35mm and digital, but we’ve not quite found the happy medium that we’re after, luckily for us we’ve got the owners at Japanese store Stroll to show us how it’s done in terms of this kind of product photography.

As you can see I’ve had to merge together some smaller images, which isn’t usually my sort of thing, unfortunately this is a trait that a lot of websites have and sometimes it can be highly frustrating. But I think these are just big enough in size to do the items justice and once you’ve had a look through the shop website it will be hard not to keep your mits off of the products, I had a hard time myself. In fact most of them are sold out which makes sense considering they’re hard to find and also very tasty in terms of form and function, a wonderful mix.

The Stroll Store is one that I’ve known about for a while but I’ve not really had time to explore until recently, it’s a shame because I could have done with this inspiration a few months back. That’s always the case where you go through a rough patch and can’t find too much and then you come across a million different sources at once. What’s quite inspiring about Stroll Store is that it’s actually situated in the owners home and is based in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, obviously they have a little showroom space where you can view and purchase some products, but I think it’s nice that they dedicate their life to this. Obviously it’s just the way they live, but imagine being with all these products on a daily basis … it must be incredible!

So I really do urge you to pop through the link below, I’ve done my best to select some of the key photos, I’ve also rounded up any lifestyle imagery that I could find in the web shop. A few pieces show the ceramics holding food and tea for example, others are just basic product photography but they all have an authentic background like a worktop, table or cloth, I think it just gives each object that extra wow factor (as tacky as that sounds). Hopefully you agree.



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